Agricultural products

Our Agricultural products include Cow cubicles, gate stoops, and cattle slats. See below for more details…

Pre-stressed Panels

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Our pre-stressed horizontal & vertical panels are made to thicknesses of 90mm, 140mm and 180mm. Both the 140mm and 180mm can be load bearing if you require it.

We produce to heights of 0.5m, 0.62m, 1.0m, 1.2m and 1.5m, due to the length of our beds (we cast in moulds of up to 84m long) this means that the length of the panels can be extremely variable to suit your requirements from ½ m (or even less) up to 7+ meters. Common lengths for pre-stressed concrete panels for use in agricultural buildings are; 15 foot and 20 foot however panels can be custom made to any required length. The panels are tongue and groove fitting on the top and bottom edges, this enables fast construction of multiple panels and ensures a strong, clean finish. The tongue and groove joints enable shock loads to be passed between panels reducing the likelihood of damage. Panel joints are sealed with high performance polyurethane mastic compound giving long life weatherproof joints. This also provides a smooth easy clean precast wall system.

The panels are manufactured using 9.3mm diameter high tensile steel strand wire which is run through the bed and put under tension during the casting process. Our concrete mix ensures all our panels, be it horizontal or vertical are 30kN strength after only 24 hours and with a characteristic strength at 28 days of over 55 N/mm², this strength provides confidence to both us and our customers. Our panels are used to form walls in warehouses and distribution centres, industrial units, storage bunkers, bulk storage buildings, recycling facilities, retaining walls, water tanks, waste transfer stations, salt stores, fertiliser stores, in fact all types of buildings.

Cow Cubicles

Our cubicles are made with the same high strength concrete that our panels are made from. We can produce with or without frames to suit your needs. We produce three sizes which are detailed below, these sizes should enable any footprint to be filled completely. All of our cubicles have a non-slip finish.

Dimensions for the full, the and the half cubicles are as follows:

Full cubicle with frame:
2223mm x 1174mm x 279mm high at the back with a 100mm fall to the front.
Weight = 1550kg.

Cubicle with frame:
2223mm x 768mm x 279mm high at the back with a 100mm fall to the front.
Weight = 1020kg.

Half fill out cubicle (plain, no frame):
2223mm x 584mm x 279mm high at the back with a 100mm fall to the front.
Weight = 768kg.

Gate Stoops

Made to our standard high strength concrete mix, we supply these gate stoops with holes for hanging brackets already pre cast.

Dimensions for the gate stoops are as follows:

8’ x 8” x 8” or 2450mm x 200mm x 200mm
Each gate stoop weighs 214kg

Cattle slats

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Cattle slats are suitable for beef and dairy cattle. All slats are designed in accordance with BS8110 for loads given in BS 5502 and are manufactured to the highest standards improving livestock comfort, standards in animal welfare and ensuring optimum milk and beef results.  We keep a number of slats in stock as well as manhole slats.  Any we do not have in stock can be available within 2 weeks.

Cattle slats offer:

  • Stay clean profile
  • Non slip surface
  • Wide foot piece – Increased comfort for livestock
  • Promotes rapid livestock weight gain
  • Tractor loading – 3 tonne per axle weight
  • Brush top surface for extra grip/non slip