Horizontal Silage Pit Panels

Agricultural Wall panels

The precast wall panels are available in three standard thicknesses to suit anticipated loading and impact (H90, H140 & H180).

We produce to heights of 0.5m, 0.62m, 1.0m, 1.2m and 1.5m, due to the length of our beds (we cast in moulds of up to 84m long) this means that the length of the panels can be extremely variable to suit your requirements from ½ m (or even less) up to 7+ metres. Common lengths for pre-stressed concrete panels for use in agricultural buildings are; 15 foot and 20 foot however panels can be custom made to any required length.

The panels are tongue and groove fitting on the top and bottom edges, this enables fast construction of multiple panels and ensures a strong, clean finish. The tongue and groove joints enable shock loads to be passed between panels reducing the likelihood of damage. Panel joints are sealed with high performance polyurethane mastic compound giving long life weatherproof joints. This also provides a smooth easy clean precast wall system.

The panels are manufactured using 9.3mm diameter high tensile steel strand wire which is run through the bed and put under tension during the casting process. Our concrete mix ensures all our panels, be it horizontal or vertical are 30kN strength after only 24 hours and with a characteristic strength at 28 days of over 55 N/mm², this strength provides confidence to both us and our customers.

Vertical Panels

Vertical Panels

In recent years the National River Authorities and other Government bodies have outlawed the use of wooden or concrete sleepers and any other materials that allow effluent to seep from silage pits and dirty water storage tanks.  Anyone allowing pollutants to get into the National river system faces the prospect of heavy fines.  The answer to all these problems are Atlas Prestressed Horizontal and Vertical silage pit systems.

Atlas Vertical System

This sytem uses prestressed panels cast into the concrete base and by using various reinforcements is tied into the pit bottom forming a leak-free seal.  Pits of any size can be constructed using this method particularly pits with dividing partitions as the panels are free standing with no metal obstruction.

Atlas Horizontal Silage Pit Panels

Atlas Horizontal panels form a pit with bays a given size up to 6 metres maximum.

This system is used when pit depths need to exceed 3 metres or when existing steel buildings are being used as panels can be manufactured to suit.

Advice should be obtained for construction of this type of pit as all forces are transmitted into the supporting steel columns which need to be capable of taking these loads and have adequate foundations.



Atlas panels are designed to be flexible and are capable of withstanding impact from machinery.  Granite based aggregates are used in the manufacturing process to eliminate chemical reactions with the corrosive nature of silage effluent.  However it is recommended that a polyurethane or Bitumen based paint is used to coat the inside of the pit to prevent reaction between silage liquers and the concrete matrix.


Atlas pre-stressed panels are reasonably light and have a high strength weight ratio.

They can be easily handled by modern farm machinery enabling customers to install pits themselves eliminating expensive labour charges.

All fixtures and fittings are provided and are included in the price quoted so there is no additional hidden costs.

Atlas Service

Atlas will survey your site and advise you on various systems that can be used.  On site labour can also be provided if requested for complete installations.

Our panels are used to form walls in warehouses and distribution centres, industrial units, storage bunkers, bulk storage buildings, recycling facilities, retaining walls, water tanks, waste transfer stations, salt stores, fertiliser stores, in fact all types of buildings.

The modular precast horizontal wall panels can be dismantled & relocated to meet alterations to sub divisions and to facilitate extension to structures.  This also enables individual wall panels to be replaced in the unlikely event of excessive damage.

Give us a call on 016973 32585 and we can price your job, talk you through your requirements and even let you know a delivery schedule through our own transport division.