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We purchase Cattle Slats through Moore Concrete who manufacture a comprehensive range of Concrete Cattle Slats as part of a suspended flooring system. Cattle Slats are available in a range of lengths up to 5000mm (16’5”) and axle loadings of up to 10 ton to form slatted tanks. All slats are CE Marked and Manufactured to EN 12737.


All Slats are available with our Slip-Resistant Surefoot finish. Surefoot Cattle Slats have 50% more grip than conventional concrete slats due to its textured surface. This can improve health and welfare of animals, offering better foot health and the reduction of slips. Slipping is a major welfare concern and can result in significant financial loss to farms.

Cattle slats offer:

  • Stay clean profile
  • Non slip surface
  • Wide foot piece – Increased comfort for livestock
  • Promotes rapid livestock weight gain