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These concrete blocks will suit many applications including retaining walls, sea defences, river/flood erosion prevention, traffic diversion, worker protection, bulk storage, security walling, temporary shelters, or temporary walling for bays. The applications are endless!

We manufacture these interlocking building blocks on site. Produced from our very strong standard concrete mix, each full block weighs in at an impressive 1.62 metric tons and has 2 squares on the top of each block with the same as female on the base, the part block will have one square on the top. For ease of handling, we have fitted a lifting anchor in the centre top of each block which can be easily accessed by a ring clutch. This means that each one can be moved into position quickly and easily, ensuring your wall is put together efficiently and will be extremely strong.

Product Benefits:

  • Cost-effective
  • Interlocking design for easy alignment and added security
  • Quick installation
  • Durable
  • Reusable product
  • Cast-in lifting pin makes them easy to lift

Full Block – 1420mm x 680mm x 700mm. Weight = 1620kg
Part Block – 700mm x 680mm x 700mm. Weight = 810kg

If you need a solid retaining wall, storage bay, partition walling, temporary walling, sea defence, security walling/blocks, our Atloc Blocks may well provide the fast and economical solution you need.

Railway and Fence Blocks are specialist and can be made to order.