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Atlas Concrete Limited has a state of the art manufacturing facility in Cumbria. Our company has the capacity to offer several precast products in our four factories set in 220 acres on a former airfield site.

  • Our Hollowcore/Wetcast factory has 10 beds, with a capacity of 5,500 metre square each week.
  • Our Beam & Block factory has 7 beds with the capacity of 31,000 linear metres each week.
  • Our Agricultural Panels factory has 7 beds and the capacity of 2,750 metre squared each week.
  • Our Special Department  manufactures pre-stressed stairs and uses about 60 metre square each week.

We employ over 90 employees over our four factories. We have our own on-site maintenance team who look after all the equipment.

We have our own batching facility and have full storage area for locally sourced sand and aggregates.

Our manufacturing plant has been originally designed to reduce its environmental impact and incorporate a safe workplace.

Agricultural Panels Factory,
Beam & Block Factory
Atlas Concrete Limited Manufacturing Facility
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Hollowcore/Wetcast Factory
Atlas Concrete Manufacturing Facility
Atlas Concrete Limited Manufacturing Facility
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